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Engage Black is the Security Business Unit of Engage Communication Inc. and focuses on providing advanced cryptographic products to both existing and emerging markets. The “Black” in our name refers to industry terminology for encrypted or cipher text information. Now with 30 years of industry experience, Engage is increasingly ready for the future of hardware security.

Engage Black Over 30 Years Experience

Since 1989, Engage has developed innovative products and solutions

These solutions help organizations across the globe deploy and operate cost-effective and reliable communications and meet their data security needs. We combine an experienced and responsive engineering team, highly scalable manufacturing resources, and a “whatever it takes” customer service philosophy to meet the demanding needs of our customers.

Selected by The World’s Most Demanding Companies and Governments

We know that when Engage Black products are used, it’s because our customers need the utmost in security and reliability. That’s why we’re proud so many of the world’s most demanding and selective companies and governments choose Engage.

Building on a Record of Customer Achievement and Satisfaction

Engage Black adheres to the same principles that have enabled Engage to provide technology, equipment and solutions to thousands of offices, network operations and data centers, sub-stations, and forward operating bases around the world for over 25 years. 

Defending Against Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

Engage Black, in particular, provides solutions that address the growing sophistication of cyber attackers, both within and outside of organizations, by securing and protecting cryptographic keys, data at rest, and data in motion.

Variety of Uses

Cryptographic key management, Code and document signing, Certificate authority, Encryption, Utility SCADA transport over IP, Military encryptor transport over IP, Circuit backhaul over IP, Circuit protection using IP networks, Critical infrastructure protection, Lower Telecom costs

Equal Opportunity Innovator

We’re an equal opportunity innovator; solving specific security problems for government, military, telecom, utility, enterprise, public safety, cloud services, developers, and PKI solution providers. Whether you’re a utility concerned about NERC CIP compliance, a DevOps team looking to better manage software releases and code signing, a certificate authority protecting highly secure cryptographic material, or you need to ensure the privacy of battlefield communications, Engage Black can help with highly secure, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. 

Selected by The World’s Most Demanding Companies and Governments

Here are just a few:

US Government

US Government

Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy



US Navy

US Navy




Mark Doyle, CEO/President




Network and Data Security

Global reach

Solutions deployed in over 50 countries


Cryptographic key management

Code and document signing

Certificate authority


Utility SCADA transport over IP

Military encryptor transport over IP

Circuit backhaul over IP (Cellular, others)

Circuit protection using IP networks

Critical infrastructure protection (NERC, etc.)

Lower Telecom costs
(using circuit-based equipment over packet networks)



Federal, state, and local governments


Telecom service providers


Public safety





Software Developers

Cloud Service Providers

Providing Solutions in Over 50 Countries Around the World

If you’d like to learn how we can help you with your key management, networking and data security, and circuit and packet encryption challenges

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