Got Quorum?


The BlackVault Quorum feature provides an extra layer of security to authorize an action. When using Quorum, multiple smart cards must be inserted into the BlackVault and authenticated prior to authorizing an action.


Actions include:

•  Creating cryptographic officers and users
•  Performing digital signing, certificate creation and other crypto functions
•  Connecting to computers and servers accessing cryptographic capabilities
•  Backing up and restoring cryptographic keys and material​


A Quorum is configured as the number of smart cards needed to perform an action (M) out of the total number of smart cards allowed to participate in the Quorum (N). This is often referred to as “M of N”.

BlackVault’s built-in smart card reader and integrated touch panel color display allow Quorum’s to be configured, and actions authorized, directly at the BlackVault. This “single trust path” removes the risk of man in the middle attacks on authentication and authorization of BlackVault actions.


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