Code Signing Solutions that...


Ensure code release is approved prior to signing


Manage and keep code signing keys confidential


Integrate Hardware Security Module (HSM) functionality


Define roles and require authenticated access


Simplify operations with purpose–built signing appliance

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Code Signing

As the sophistication and quantity of malware attacks continue to grow, signing code has become an integral part of every DevOps process. But code signing alone is not enough.

It is increasingly important to ensure code signing private keys are secure and confidential, while limiting access to those who absolutely need them.

BlackVault generates and secures these private keys within our integrated, tamper reactive, FIPS Level 3 Hardware Security Module (HSM); and is available as an intuitive standalone code signing appliance (CYNR) or network attached / off-line hardware security module (HSM).

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Code Signing with the BlackVault

The Engage BlackVault platform brings a new level of security, simplicity, and flexibility to code signing applications.

Available as an intuitive standalone code signing appliance (BlackVault CYNR) or highly secure Hardware Security Module (BlackVault HSM), the BlackVaultgenerates and secures code signing private keys within an integrated tamper reactive FIPS Level 3 cryptographic boundary.

BlackVault CYNR

As a standalone platform, sign code without the complexities of installing and operating general purpose OSs and HSMs

  • Boots up ready to sign code
  • Define roles and authentication process
  • Create key and optional certificate
  • Load code and sign
  • Control from integrated touch screen display


BlackVault HSM

Securely sign code by integrating this easy-to-use and highly secure HSM platform into your development environment

  • Supports all major crypto APIs
  • Easily installs in your development environment
  • Application software available for JAR signing
  • Compact and portable, long battery life
  • Facilitates best practices

Secure Code Signing with...

Java Jar

Java Jar

Eclipse IDE

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Android Studio

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More about The BlackVault and Code Signing

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