T1 / E1 Circuit Encryption


The BlackBond is a “bump in the wire” device that seamlessly encrypts T1 / E1 and fractional T1 / E1 circuits. It’s extremely low latency allows it to encrypt the circuit without impact to voice, video and data T1 / E1 traffic.

The BlackBond uses the strongest commercially available cryptography and automatically rotates cryptographic keys at user defined intervals. Key generation is performed by a FIPS compliant Random Number Generator (RNG).

The BlackBond is effective at protecting data in motion in virtually any network environment. It is available as a stand-alone device for remote locations, or as a slot-card in a multi-slot chassis for central site locations.

For networks requiring both security and redundant circuits, the BlackBond can be ordered with a protection switching option. In this case, the encrypted traffic will switch to a backup T1 / E1 circuit if the primary T1 / E1 circuit fails. Alternatively, the traffic could be switched over to a backup packet based connection, such as 4G LTE. 


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