Information Security Solutions that...


Protect and manage cryptographic keys and their lifecycle

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Make code and document signing simple and secure

Provide fully featured Certificate Authority functionality


Include an integrated Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Encrypt circuit and packet data

Key Management Solutions that...

Generate, distribute, store, rotate and revoke crypto keys


Protect the crypto key lifecycle and meet compliance objectives

Integrate Hardware Security Module (HSM) functionality


Provide multi-factor and quorum authentication

Offer innovative and intuitive management and control

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Information Security

The world runs on information, and securing information is critical for any operation to perform reliably, predictably and with trust. At the heart of information security are cryptographic keys essential for encrypting and authenticating data. Engage provides solutions that manage cryptographic keys, support applications such as digital code and document signing, provide certificate authority services, and encrypt data in motion.

BlackVault Platform

Increasingly, information theft, sabotage, and misappropriation lead to severe consequences including financial loss, identity and intellectual property theft, regulatory fines, and even damage to your reputation. Protecting cryptographic keys that secure this information is more important than ever.

The BlackVault Cryptographic platform is purpose-built to manage keys, keep them secure, and provide easy to use security services, all within a highly secure FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Hardware Security Module (HSM). The platform has a built-in smart card reader and touch screen display to enable single trust path and quorum-based authentication. It supports both on-line and off-line operation.

BlackVault is available as a Hardware Security Module (BlackVault HSM), Digital Signature appliance (BlackVault CYNR), Certificate Authority Appliance (BlackVault CA), and supports custom applications.

Data Sheet

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Encrypt Data in Motion

Data in motion is susceptible to interception and man-in-the-middle attacks. The data that runs our infrastructure, government and businesses is frequently transported over packet networks or the Internet, increasing security risks.

BlackTube/BlackBond/BlackDoor encryption products are used to protect critical data for utilities, government, military and other industries. These products use powerful AES 256 bit symmetric key encryption to protect data in motion over low speed circuit to packet (serial, modem and VF) networks, T1 / E1 circuits, and Layer 2 / Layer 3 Ethernet traffic.

Secure Code Signing with...

Java Jar

Java Jar

Eclipse IDE

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