The BlackSER  AES is an in-line Serial Data Encryptor with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant cryptography and hardware. Serial data received on the DCE interface is encrypted using a 256 bit AES key and sent out the DTE interface. Serial data received on the DTE interface is decrypted using an 256 bit AES key and sent out the DCE interface.



Seamless Integration
Retrofit existing serial communications systems easily with the BlackSER AES's simple bump-in-the-wire design protects: meters, protective relays, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), remote terminal units (RTUs), and computers from unauthorized access, control, eavesdropping, and malicious attack by authenticating and encrypting all serial data communications.

The BlackSER AES securely boots up as a protocol agnostic asynchronous Serial Data Encryptor executing inside of a tamper reactive cryptographic boundary. All cryptographic functions, including private and public key generation are performed inside FIPS Level 3 protected hardware. The cryptographic algorithms are FIPS certified. Internally generated keys use a NIST certified hardware seeded random number generator to ensure key entropy.


Military Grade Tamper Reactive
Master key is secured within CPU Die Shield's Cryptographic Boundary. Dynamic fault detection with real time environmental and active tamper detection circuitry.
• Achieves Active Level 3+ Tamper
• Transport Safe


Secure and Effective Management
Management interface is accessed by an authenticated and encrypted Secure Socket Shell channel. Operation is partitioned by privilege into security relevant functions that are Administrator, Auditor and Operator role based.


Key Management
The BlackSER AES core cryptography is based upon our FIPS approved Hardware Security Module. FIPs requires a sophisticated protection private key generation, exportation and importation.



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