Document Signing Solutions that...


Make digital document signing easy and secure


Generate, store, and protect signing keys


Provide multi-factor authentication prior to signing


Have optional chain of trust to certificate authority


Integrate Hardware Security Module (HSM) functionality

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Document Signing Overview 

As more business is conducted online, digital document signing plays an ever increasing role in authenticating and verifying the integrity of documents and files used in legal, financial, real estate, and other transactions. The convenience, safety, and nonrepudiation of digital signatures is unparalleled. 

This is only possible if cryptographic keys used in document signing are secure and can’t be stolen, lost, or compromised. Unfortunately, they are often stored in the clear and are easy to access or misplace. The consequences can be dire.


As both cyber and physical security attacks increase, the Engage BlackVault Hardware Security Module (HSM) provides best practices document signing security by ensuring only authorized signatures are created and keys are kept safe.

Document Signing with the BlackVault

TheBlackVaultHardware Security Module (HSM) is a compact, secure and easy to use cryptographic appliance that protects the authenticity of signed documents.


It creates, stores, and manages document signing private keys in a FIPS Level 3 tamper reactive HSM. Keys never exist in an unencrypted form outside the BlackVault. It also provides multi-factor (quorum) authentication to prevent unauthorized key generation or document signing.


BlackVault’s easy to use touch screen display and intuitive document signing application bring a new level of security, simplicity, and flexibility to document signing applications.

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BlackVault HSM

Securely sign code by integrating this easy-to-use and highly secure HSM platform into your development environment

  • Supports all major crypto APIs
  • Easily installs in your development environment
  • Application software available for JAR signing
  • Compact and portable, long battery life
  • Facilitates best practices

Secure Code Signing with...

Java Jar

Java Jar
More about The BlackVault and Code Signing

Data Sheet

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