Circuit Emulation Encryption



The BlackTube product platform integrates the strongest commercially available encryption into the world renowned Engage IP Tube circuit to packet product line.

IP Tube products connect legacy equipment to packet networks enabling organizations to retain their existing SCADA, PBX, modem, serial, etc. equipment and associated operations while connecting them to the latest packet based network services and technology.

The BlackTube consists of two different product families; Standard and CEP. The CEP family adds additional management capabilities to the Standard family, including advanced authentication, user rolls, logging, and network timing.

BlackTube products support a wide range of circuit interfaces including RS232, RS530, V.35, Analog, 202T modem, T1, E1, T3, and E3. They also offer a variety of features that ensure circuit traffic is successfully transported over packet networks including echo cancelation, data compression, multi-drop, NERC CIP compliance, multiple data center support, and granular buffer settings.

BlackTube products are used worldwide by organizations that require secure transport of circuit to packet data.



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