Ethernet / Packet Encryption



The BlackDoor protects the confidentiality and integrity of Ethernet and packet networks with the strongest commercially available cryptography. It supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multi-point to multi-point network configurations to provide real time network security for VLAN, Intranet, Internet, MPLS, Cloud, and Radio Layer 2 / 3 connectivity.

The BlackDoor has three encryption modes:

  • Black Bridge: Non-local packets are encrypted above the MAC layer and bridged to the destination network.
  • Black Router: Remotely destined packets are encrypted above the Network layer and dynamically or statically routed to the destination network.
  • Black Tunnel: Source Ethernet packets are entirely encrypted and then encapsulated into an IP packet that is forwarded to the destination network connecting remote LANs through a transparent IP encrypted tunnel.


The BlackDoor is available in two models; 10/100 Ethernet, or 1 Gig Ethernet with copper or fiber interfaces. It is highly reliable, highly secure, and easily “drops-in” to existing networks without costly reconfiguration or upgrades of existing equipment or services.


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