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Engage Communication's IPTube-E2 selected by the Department of Defense


Aptos, CA, May 20, 2004 
Engage Communication's IP Tube-E2 enables the DOD's secure server based applications, which require that clients are on the same IP subnet, to have clients accessing the application from remote locations that are bridged across an IP interconnect.

"Department of Defense individuals, involved with the successful deployment of our IP Tube-RS530 to tunnel Encrypted Data through an IP connection, requested that we create a product that would bridge an Ethernet segment across an IP intranet." said President Mark Doyle."The IP Tube-E2, as with the majority of Engage's products, is the result of earning the privilege to further our customer's objectives."


The IP Tube-E2 is used to interconnect Ethernet LANs through an IP network. Ethernet frames that are destined for a device located on the remote network are encapsulated into IP packets. The IP packets, with the encapsulated Ethernet frames, are sent to the IP address of the destination network's IP Tube-E2 where the IP envelope is removed and the original Ethernet Frames are delivered to the destination network's Ethernet device.


Enterprises, Education, Government Agencies and Organizations use the IP Tube-E2's tunnel to transport legacy LAN protocols, such as NetBEUI, IPX, AppleTalk and Decnet, over very cost effective, ubiquitous IP based services. Legacy applications that utilize non routable protocols are able to access services across an IP point to point connection.


The IP Tube-E2 provides a high level of security by only exchanging packets with the remote network. Additionally Ethernet Frames within the IP envelope must be addressed to specific Ethernet MAC addresses. Bridges secure applications that limit communication to IP addresses within the same subnet across an enterprise Intranet.


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Engage Communication, incorporated in 1989, enables enterprises, small-medium businesses, government, education and telecommunications service providers to take advantage of the lower costs and flexibility associated with IP/Ethernet transport while preserving the enormous investments made in legacy premises equipment such as PBXs, switches, multiplexers, routers, video codecs and encryptors.


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