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Engage Communication Announces Solutions for Centralized SS7 Protocol Analysis

APTOS, Calif., December 2, 2003 - Engage Communication  Inc. incorporates the SS7 Over IP protocol into a new IP Tube SS7 MON.

The IP Tube SS7 MON  encapsulates SS7 Call Detail Messages from Telecom Switches into IP packets for delivery to an SS7 Protocol analyzer. The IP Tube SS7 MON provides for remote monitoring of SS7 based Telecom Switches systems via cost effective and flexible IP networks.


The IP Tube SS7 MON  connects to the Telco interface of the SS7 Telecom Switch and is setup to monitor the SS7 traffic. At the Central Support Site an IP Tube SS7 SIG receives the SS7 Over IP packets and sends the SS7 Messages to an SS7 Protocol Analyzer.


The IP Tube SS7 MON is available with T1 or E1 physical interfaces to connect to the SS7 Telecommunication equipment's communication link.


IP Tube SS7 MonM T1
IP Tube SS7MonM E1


The T1 and E1 Models are also available with 2 T1 or E1 interfaces that are Digital Cross Connected to enable monitoring of the full duplex SS7 dialog without additional equipment.




"Telecommunication Service Providers are able to readily accomplish their primary SS7 switch support objectives with a centralized SS7 support staff that is able to tap into a switch's SS7 communication within minutes." said Mark Doyle President."Implementation of this technology saves significant money and results in better service. A real winner."



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