Engage Black expands the BlackVault HSM product line with a Military Grade Tactical HSM and an Affordable Commercial Grade FIPS Level 3 HSM

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Engage Black expands the BlackVault HSM product line with both a Military Grade Tactical HSM and an Affordable Commercial Grade FIPS Level 3 HSM



Aptos, CA – October 30, 2018

Engage Black expands the BlackVaultHardware Security Module product line with 2 additional Ethernet attached models: BlackVault HSM.RAS and BlackVault HSM.TAC that are remotely managed by the BVGUI, an intuitive menu driven application.M of N authentication and comprehensive key backup are employed for additional security.

The BlackVault HSM.TAC targets the need for a military grade HSM that has: a compact form factor; smart card with cambered retention; and operating temperature range that fits within Tactically deployed communications kit requirements. NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified requires that the Certificate Authorities for Multi-layered VPNs utilizes an HSM.

The BlackVault HSM.RAS is a cost reduced commercial version with an integrated Smart Card reader that utilizes an extruded aluminum case that has flanged end plates for securely mounting: within a 1U shelf/locking drawer; on DIN rail or wall mount. The RAS is priced very competitively for a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM.

Engage Black’s initial HSM offering, the BlackVault HSM.NAV, is managed via integrated Touch Screen and Smart Card reader. This approach has served the desktop and the stored root key HSM applications very well. The intuitive Menu driven Graphic Touch Screen interface of the BlackVault HSM.NAV was ported into the BVGUI application.

The BlackVaults securely boot up into the prescribed application and once authenticated, is ready to go. It can also be used in HSM mode where it supports existing HSM applications using traditional APIs (PKCS#11, CAPI/CNG, JCE, etc.), and can incorporate custom functionality.

The BlackVault are the cryptographic appliances of Engage’s “Black” product line, which includes the BlackDoor (Ethernet Encryptors), BlackBond (Circuit Encryptors), and BlackTube (Circuit to Packet Encryptors) solutions. Engage Black products are produced in America and supported Worldwide.



Please contact Engage at +1-877-ENGAGE4 or email us at sales@engageblack.com for more information about the Engage Black business unit, BlackVault hardware security platform, or other members of the “Black” product line.


Engage Black, is the cryptographic business unit of Engage Inc. Founded in 1989, Engage enables organizations to connect, protect and secure their communication networks.Engage Black provides innovative cryptographic solutions that securely generate, use and manage cryptographic keys and material; and encrypt data in motion.

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