Engage Black Introduces BlackVault CA Security Appliance

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Engage Black Introduces BlackVault CA Security Appliance
Aptos, CA – April 15, 2015

Engage Black, the security business unit of Engage Communication, is announcing the introduction of the BlackVault CA(Certificate Authority) security appliance at this year’s RSA conference in San Francisco (Booth #2644 in the South Hall). The BlackVault CA integrates a Layer 3+ Hardware Security Module (HSM) with application specific certificate authority functionality to simplify and improve the process of secure management and storage of cryptographic keys.


The growing sophistication of both internal and external cyber-attacks makes protecting cryptographic material used in certificate generation and management a top priority. At the heart of every certificate is the public / private key pair used to create a unique authenticating certificate. Unauthorized access to these private keys can be disastrous and it is no longer sufficient to manage them from general purpose Operating System (OS) / server architectures. Good security practices dictate private key storage and accessibility occur only from tamper proof hardware provided by HSMs. Unfortunately HSMs are often intimidating due to the complexities introduced and the high cost of implementation.

The BlackVault CA , on the other hand, is an integrated certificate authority appliance that keeps cryptographic material safe and secure while greatly simplifying the incorporation of HSM functionality, and lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Securely boots as a pre-configured CA and can be configured as a root CA generating self-signed certificates or a subordinate CA with chain of trust to the root CA
  • Maintains a Certificate Revocation List (CRL) with integrated CRL Distribution Point (CDP) whose location is included in the certificate
  • Supports the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) to respond to specific certificate revocation status requests
The BlackVault CA includes:
  • Level 3+ tamper reactive hardware with cryptographic material stored inside a protective semiconductor die shield
  • Built-in touch screen display and smart card reader enable authentication and setup directly on the device removing the risk of compromise by intermediate parties, software or other devices
  • M of N authentication and key backup partitioning can be deployed for additional security

BlackVault CA can be network attached, via its secure Ethernet port, responding to certificate and CRL requests in real time. Or it can perform CA functions offline using its USB port. The BlackVault CA can even be powered down and stored in another location or safe, taking advantage of its 10 year battery life, and “transport-ready” architecture.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) applications for the BlackVault include:
  • Both online and offline Certificate Authorities and Registration Authorities
  • Further securing Enterprise, Utility, Education and other Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Improve the security of Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) profiles with Suite B cryptography and advanced HSM functionality

Secure, trusted, and intuitive, the BlackVault CA appliance is ready to meet the certificate authority needs of virtually any application. It is a member of Engage’s “Black” product line, which includes the BlackDoor (Ethernet Encryptors), BlackBond (Circuit Encryptors), and BlackTube (Circuit to Packet Encryptors) solutions.Engage Black products are produced in America and supported Worldwide.

Please contact Engage at 1 877-ENGAGE4 or email us at sales@engageinc.com for more information about the Engage Black business unit, BlackVault hardware security platform, or other members of the “Black” product line; and visit us at RSA in Booth #2644 of the South Hall.




Engage Black, is the cryptographic business unit of Engage Communication Inc. Founded in 1989, Engage Communication enables organizations to connect, protect and secure their communication networks.Engage Black provides innovative cryptographic solutions that securely generate, use and manage cryptographic keys and material; and encrypt data in motion.


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