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Engage Communication, Inc. 

Engage Communication Delivers T1 Over IP Solution for Data and Voice Over IP Networking of Telecom Switches, PBXs, and T1 Circuits.

APTOS, Calif., June 27, 2000 - Engage Communication, Inc. delivers the IPTube-T1 to an international carrier. The IP Tube T1 encapsulates full and fractional T1 circuits, along with their framing and signaling bits, into IP packets. The IP Tube’s T1 Over IP connection provides for the transparent interconnection of PBXs, Telecom Switches and T1 based communication systems via LANs, WANs, MANs, and IP based satellite links.

Businesses incur significant recurring monthly costs for rigid-bandwidth leased lines used purely for the interconnection of PBXs and telecom switches. The IP Tube-T1 provides enterprises with the ability to interconnect their existing phone systems over flexible bandwidth lines that are used to carry data, voice, and video. Toll charges assessed by long distance and local carriers are eliminated by transporting voice and fax traffic across the enterprise intranet, LAN, metropolitan-area network (MAN), or WAN.

The IP Tube-T1 provides CLECs with a way to back haul a T1 DS0s from a customer’s phone systems over their Internet connection. The back hauled DS0s are connected to the CLECs phone switch for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Networks. Competitive Local Exchange Carriers are able to provide customers with a very economical alternative to the local Phone Company since the Local Loop charges of around $40/line per month for each phone line are consolidated.

The IP Tube-T1 has a T1 interface that connects directly to the T1/DS1 interface of Phone Systems or T1 Data Communication Equipment. An Ethernet interface connects to the LAN. An optional Synchronous Serial WAN interface connects to Data Communication equipment such as ADSL, SDSL, and T1/FT1. 

The IP Tube-T1 detects idle/redundant data within each DS0 resulting in a 56 to 1 bandwidth savings. VoIP WAN bandwidth is not consumed by silent voice circuits.

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Engage Communication, incorporated in September 1989, develops, manufactures, sells and supports premium networking solutions.


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