Engage’s BlackVault and Randtronic’s Data Privacy Manager combine to deliver cryptographically secure data protection

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Engage’s BlackVault and Randtronic’s Data Privacy Manager combine to deliver cryptographically secure data protection

Aptos, CA – December 8, 2016

Engage Black, the security business unit of Engage Communication, announced that its Hardware Security Module, the BlackVault HSM, is integrated with and fully supported by Randtronics, developer of software-based encryption solutions, offering robust data privacy solutions, to generate, store and manage cryptographic keys for their Data Privacy Manager (DPM). 

Randtronics DPM runs on any Windows or Linux platform and commonly available databases, such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle.  The DPM solution receives cryptographic keys from the DPM Key Manager, which allow users to auto-generate keys in software or within the BlackVault HSM for the highest security assurance. 

The BlackVault HSM is the source of the Master Key, Systems Keys, Key Encryption Keys and Data Encryption Keys.  Key Generation performed within the BlackVault HSM utilizes a NIST approved hardware seeded random number generator to produce truly random prime number based RSA and Elliptical keys.  FIPS approved algorithms are used to reliably generate random numbers, a key step in maximizing data security.

In addition to storing Data Privacy Manager Encryption Keys away from the operating system software, Keys Stored on the BlackVault HSM are encrypted by a master key that is protected by a Silicon Die Shield that is reactively zeroized upon tamper.

Cryptographic keys that are not securely stored or managed properly expose organizations to loss or theft of sensitive information that can easily be prevented. The straightforward integration of the BlackVault HSM hardware, with its touchscreen display and integrated smartcard reader, provides enterprises and governments with easy to implement FIPs Level 3 key management.

“Today’s enterprises collect, store and use a staggering amount of sensitive data and the associated compliance requirements and data protection policies that must be followed costs them valuable time and money, said Bob Adhar, President of Randtronics.

“By partnering with a trusted HSM provider such as Engage Black, our customers know their most important data is protected and their data management policies are compliant with government and industry requirements, leaving them with more time to focus on growing their business and spending time with customers.”

Customers can also be assured that they are in compliance with corporate and government regulation as the BlackVault HSM facilitates policy-based access control, auditing, encryption, tokenization and anonymization.

“Randtronics Data Privacy Manager coupled with Engage’s BlackVault HSM delivers a data privacy management system that mitigates the risk of compromised data with secure cryptographic key management,” said Mark Doyle, CEO of Engage Black.

For more information about the EngageBlackVault HSM and theBlackVault platform www.engageblack.com or contact Engage at 1 877-ENGAGE4 or email sales@engageinc.com.

Engage Black (Booth S744) and Randtronics will be demonstrating our interoperability at RSA San Francisco February 13-17, 2017.

Engage Black, is the cryptographic business unit of Engage Communication Inc. Founded in 1989, Engage Communication enables organizations to connect, protect and secure their communication networks.Engage Black provides innovative cryptographic solutions that securely generate, use and manage cryptographic keys and material; and encrypt data in motion.

About Randtronics
Founded in 2002, Randtronics is a worldwide supplier that develops encryption solutions to protect against malicious intent.  Randtronics DPM protects enterprise data anywhere.  With Randtronics DPM solution you can: protect structured and unstructured data, easily deploy solutions without code changes and reduce scope of compliance using tokenization.  For more information, visit www.randtronics.com

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